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Pellas Associates & Co.

Philippine CPA Firm

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Accounting, Auditing, Taxations, Bookkeeping, Legal Business Issues, Business Compliance, Business Registration, Incorporation, Business Process Outsourcing Call us or email your questions , our Accountant (CPA), Lawyer, Business Consultant will help you.


  • Accounting Services
    Accounting services focus more on how you keep your financial records and books of accounts. From setting up an accounting system to performing a compilation of your financial records, we are ready to serve you. Let us help with your recordkeeping so you can concentrate on your products and customers. Our accounting services include:

    Bookkeeping. We will maintain ledger accounts and record transactions from your checkbook, cash register, and other supporting documents.

    Financial Statement Preparation. We will prepare monthly financial statements to track your financial position, profits, and cash flow.

  • An audit consists of testing your accounting records and issuing a written opinion about the fairness of your financial statements and the adequacy of your footnote disclosures. A review is similar but involves less testing.

    An audit can help your business in two ways. First, audited financial statements will help you obtain the capital you need to expand your business. Many investors and creditors will ask to see audited financial statements before they will invest. Second, while we are auditing your financial statements, we will evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal controls, computer systems, and business operations. At the end of the audit, we will provide you with constructive suggestions to improve your profitability and financial position.

    Business fraud audit- Often referred to as “financial detectives and innovative problem-solvers, we apply our financial skills to areas such as litigation support (forensic accounting, fraud detection, expert testimony) Our fraud audit services include

    Evaluation of internal controls and financial statements.


    • Expense report abuse

    • Embezzlement

    • Theft of assets/services

    • Insurance loss accounting



    • Damage calculation

    • Opposing expert evaluation and rebuttal

    • Personal injury loss wage estimate

    • Divorce – business valuation and asset search


    Internal audit outsourcing which include periodic inventory, cash and equipment count, preparation of bank reconciliation statements and other internal audit functions

  • Pellas, Associates & Co. offers fast, affordable, high-quality incorporation services to provide you with the business structure and protection you need.

    Business Formation and Incorporation
    Overview of our services

    Our incorporation package includes:

    • Company name availability check

    • Preparation and filing of your Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

    • Expedited Service

  • Pellas, Associates & Co. is a global practitioner in the outsourcing industry sharply focused on providing back office services to its clients within and outside the Philippines in the areas of Finance, Accounting, and Taxation Outsourcing.

    Our unique strength lies in the intersection of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology (IT) capabilities. Our access to highly skilled accounting professionals with several years of experience in designing structured processes to outsource and successfully manage medium to large Finance, Accounting systems. It is this focus, on cost competitiveness and quality, which is the driving force behind our work.

    With various services and solutions offerings, we hopes to not only deliver results to its clients but to its client’s customers as well.

    Accounting Outsourcing, Bookkeeping

    • Tax Return Preparation and Filing

    • Payroll Outsourcing

    • Accounting Outsourcing, Bookkeeping Outsourcing back-office finance and accounting enables the client to focus on their core business while cutting costs. Finance and accounting outsourcing typically involves managing procedure-driven functions such as accounts payable, general ledger, fixed assets, accounts receivable, billing, payroll, and benefits administration, among others.

    Range of Services, we offer:

    • Transaction Processing

    • Accounts payable

    • Accounts receivable

    • Payroll

    • Inventory, production and distribution

    • Treasury

    • Capital expenditure and assets

    • General ledger

    • Budgetary control

    • Performance Tracking

    • Business intelligence reports

    • Strategy and Planning

    • Decision support / Analysis

    • Planning / Budgeting

    • Bookkeeping Outsourcing

    • Bookkeeping, VAT & Payroll

    • Sales Invoicing

    • Sales Ledger Control

    • Purchase ledger control

    • Credit control

    • VAT and Bank Reconciliation-monthly, quarterly and annual return

    • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual Payroll

    • Year End Accounts

    • Sole Proprietorship

    • Partnership

    • Income and Expenditure Account

    • Property Account

    • Self Employment

    • Limited Company

    • Public limited Company

    • Management Accounts

    • Cash flows

    • Management accounts-monthly, quarterly and annual;

    • Profit and loss account

    • Budgets and Projections

    • Taxation

    • Self assessment tax returns

    • Corporation tax returns

    • Tax Return Preparation & Filling

  • Income tax return preparation, payroll tax return preparation, tax planning.


    The tax and regulations become more complex every year. Failure to comply with obscure sections of the tax code can result in costly interest and penalties. Proper understanding and utilization of tax incentives can significantly reduce your tax liability. Our tax accountants are ready to help you comply with all applicable tax laws and minimize your tax burden including the development of tax-saving strategies. Our tax services include:


    • Tax return preparation

    • Representation in tax examinations

    • Evaluation of tax impact of investments

    • Planning for changes in income tax laws

  • Software installation and customization, software training, web site design and online marketing. Our information systems services include all forms of electronic commerce, hardware and software selection, systems installation, networks, and internet development. The information age and technology are changing dramatically the ways companies do business. Accounting software packages enable companies to reduce their bookkeeping costs. EDI allows companies to streamline transactions with their suppliers and customers. An Internet web site allows even small businesses to reach out to customers all around the world.

  • Business registrations with government agencies, financial compliance and operations review, preparation of accounting manual , controllership ,preparation of interim financial statements certification for royalties and etc.

    Other Services:

    • Financial compliance and operations review

    • Business registrations with government agencies

    • Preparation of accounting manual

    • Controllership ,preparation of interim financial statements

    • Certification for royalties and etc.

    • Corporate legal consultation

    • Directorship

    • Online (Cloud) Payroll Service

    • Online (Cloud) Accounting Service

    • Information Technology

    • Business Address in Philippines

    • Special audit engagement

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