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Pellas Associates & Co.

Philippine CPA Firm

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Accounting, Auditing, Taxations, Bookkeeping, Legal Business Issues, Business Compliance, Business Registration, Incorporation, Business Process Outsourcing Call us or email your questions , our Accountant (CPA), Lawyer, Business Consultant will help you.


Anthony L. Pellas

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Fraud Examiner with Law study;

  • Tax Consultant of various multinational firms;

  • Labor Law and business legal advisor;

  • Has extensive experience in external auditing, business process risk review, business fraud audit, accounting systems design and implementation, and bookkeeping and accounting;

  • Has serviced multinational and local companies in the information technology, manufacturing and trading (retail), real estate and construction, telecom, insurance, and pre-need plans, investment houses and securities brokers, hotels and restaurants, non-profit organizations, and other industries;

  • Former Professor of different universities handling accounting and auditing;

  • Experienced and strong working knowledge in Information Technology, accounting systems, software design and programming, networking, file/computer security, and server administration.

Melojean L. Quijano

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with Law study;

Joseph N. Adamos, Lawyer
Labor Law and Corporate Consultant.

Professional Staff

Our employees are trained professionals in their area of expertise. They are also our friends. We are committed to hiring, educating, and promoting the highest quality professional employees so they can provide outstanding services to our clients.

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